What is a Patent License?

How Does a Patent Licensing Compare with a Patent Assignment? 

A patent license is similar to a patent assignment in that there is a transfer of patent rights to the buyer. But a patent license is different from a patent assignment in that with a patent license there is no transfer of ownership of the patent.  After the patent license agreement is executed by the parties, the original patent owner still owns the patent.  Also, with an patent assignment, you make a full transfer of rights.  But, with a patent license, the owner can make a partial transfer of rights to the buyer of the patent license.  In fact, the owner of a patent can license patent rights in one patent to many, many licensees.  They can grant multiple non-exclusive rights to the same patent, or carve out various exclusive licenses to different patent rights such as manufacturing rights, distribution rights, use rights, and even rights to each of those in a particular geography, a particular domain, or even for a particular durati

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