Why are Trademarks Important to a Company?

How Can Trademarks Benefit your Company?

The biggest reason why trademarks are important to a company is that trademarks can become your company’s biggest evangelist. Trademarks can continue spreading your message even while your sales and marketing professionals are sleeping or on vacation. How? Well, if you produce great products, if you deliver exceptional services, every time, your trademarks will be connected to that greatness, to that quality in the marketplace. When consumers see your trademark on your product, or on your packaging, or on the wall when they get off the plane and walk into the terminal, or on billboards as they drive down the highway, when they see your trademark they’ll feel safe and secure knowing they’re buying quality, knowing that when they turn it on its going to work, knowing that the job will get done on time. Simply, your trademarks can spread your messages of success to more customers and prospects than all of your sales professionals combined, 100% of the time.

Once your trademarks become recognizable (positively recognizable, of course), you will increase sales and, perhaps even sell your trademarked products and services at higher margins. But, it’s more than that. Once you’ve succeeded in spreading your trademarks far and wide, you will be positioned to hire smarter, more diverse, and better employees. People want to work for companies with great brands. You will be able to secure better partners, investors, sales agents, and re-sellers. You may be positioned to generate trademark licensing revenue. And, for all these reasons, with these intangible assets, you will be able to increase your corporate valuation.

Importantly, unlike other forms of intellectual property such as patents and copyrights that have lives of limited duration (patents typically last for 20 years from the date of your application and copyrights typically last for 70 years plus the life of the author(s)), your trademark assets can live forever…continue to provide you value forever!

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