Real Estate

We are Real Estate Lawyers who Understand Your Needs

Whether it’s your starter home, your dream home, your vacation home, your 30th rental property, a commercial building, vacant land, or anything in between, buying and selling real estate can be stressful, complicated, and expensive. At the Colson Law Group, we understand exactly what you’re going through, and we know exactly how to help you navigate these waters to give you the best possible client experience.

How do we know? Because our firm is made up of people who have done those things not only as lawyers but clients. Being our own clients gives us a fantastic perspective on the needs of our clients. Simply, we know how our clients want to be treated throughout real estate transactions because we know how we want to be treated throughout real estate transactions. For example, as of the date of this message, our COO has personally purchased and leased over 35 real estate properties. By providing legal services to him and to other members of our team, we continually receive open and honest feedback about what’s working and what isn’t working in terms of our processes and client services. This feedback helps us to become better and more effective legal professionals for you. Since the members of our team are some of the most demanding clients on earth, if we can please them (and we do please them), we can please anyone!

The other huge advantage of having internal clients relates to experimentation. Yes, that’s right, the marketplace is constantly coming up with new software platforms, new approaches to client communications, and new processes. But, until they’re thoroughly tested, it’s impossible to know if these new ideas are the best possible fit for our clients. So, we test everything internally first. Once these new ideas are vetted and fine-tuned, we can confidently roll them out to you. With this methodology, you always get the benefit of the best practices in the marketplace.

Simply, we value customer service as much as we value high quality legal services!